Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tendonitis sucks! :(

So, I've been battling tendonitis in my right elbow for about 3 months now. I was playing racquetball with the hubby and had to change a swing in mid-swing and the elbow was unhappy with me. I finished the game but lost. We didn't play another and I waited a few days to play again. And that REALLY hurt the elbow. So I took 3 weeks off the game over winter break and thought it was all good. Nope, not good. So I have been playing anyway, one game here, one game there. The last few days it has been really bad; fingers and hand going numb at night and today I lifted a big bolt of fleece fabric and zinged the elbow. For the next 2 hours the hand and arm were hot or cold (it was hard to tell) and the fingers were tingly/numb. I did make it through the whole shift at Joann.

When I got home I couldn't do any dyeing since my hand was still unhappy but I did get a few hanks made into dyeing skeins that I should be able to dye tomorrow. I'm off and after reading chapter 2 in Cultural Anthropology I will be free to dye the hanks. I have one set for Mardi Gras; emerald, purple and gold!! Gonna be amazing. i also have a pink/turquoise/white stripy thing in mind. An orange red variegated is in my mind, too.

Tune in tomorrow!

Oh and my on-line-never-met-him-but-he's-funny friend Colin has been dyeing yarn, too. He sells his over his blog, though he is in the UK so his 12 pound-dollars are actually $21 American.
Check him out at his blog:

I'm woolinthewasher on Etsy!

Happy knitting and Crocheting!

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