Monday, January 25, 2010

Cubital Tunnel Syndrom

CUBITAL TUNNEL SYNDROME (**This is what I have)

(Ulnar Neuropathy)

Cubital tunnel syndrome is compression or traction of the ulnar nerve at the elbow.

The ulnar nerve is commonly irritated at the elbow or, rarely, the wrist. Cubital tunnel syndrome is most often caused by leaning on the elbow or by prolonged and excessive elbow flexion. It is less common than carpal tunnel syndrome. Baseball pitching (particularly sliders), which can injure the medial elbow ligaments, confers risk.

Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms include numbness and paresthesia along the ulnar nerve distribution (in the ring and little fingers and the ulnar aspect of the hand) and elbow pain. In advanced stages, weakness of the intrinsic muscles of the hand and the flexors of the ring and little fingers may develop. Weakness interferes with pinch between the thumb and index finger and with hand grip.


  • Clinical evaluation
  • Sometimes nerve conduction studies

Diagnosis is often possible clinically. However, if clinical diagnosis is equivocal and when surgery is being considered, nerve conduction studies are done. Cubital tunnel syndrome is differentiated from ulnar nerve entrapment at the wrist (in Guyon's canal) by the presence of sensory deficits (on sensory testing or with Tinel's sign) over the ulnar dorsal hand and by the presence of ulnar nerve deficits proximal to the wrist on muscle testing or nerve conduction velocity testing.


Treatment involves splinting at night, with the elbow extended at 45°, and use of an elbow pad during the day. Surgical decompression can help if conservative treatment fails.

So today was the first day of school after hurting my elbow further at work Thursday. Taking notes and doing math are going to be interesting until this gets better. I got numb and tingly even though I am on serious pain medication. I got home from school in a bit of pain. Hopefully a day of rest will make it better. I only got M - W so I have days off in between. What I'm really wondering is what it means for my job at JoAnn? I don't want to quit but I don't think I can cut fabric for very long before I can't feel my hand. Register is fine I think, no heavy lifting, but the management may not need me just on register. Will update.

Will try to get yarn dyed tomorrow. I have some great ideas for some yummy darker tones.

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!

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