Friday, January 22, 2010

Arm feels better, Yarn in the dye pots!

I went to bed early and took lots of pain meds as well as had the elbow on heat most of the night. It helped a lot and today I feel better. Advil is my friend! So I am able to take the day and do some dyeing! Yay!

I used one of the large skeins I did yesterday and looped in in a different way so there won't be the normal striping, but something much more fun.

As you can see there are 6 loops with sections between them. The sections will stay white and the loops will be either pink or turquoise. So there will be some striping but mostly just fin lines of a color and some white. I did this in fingering weight since I don't have that many cakes in that weight. I use thicker yarn but I know most people use fingering or light fingering for socks. I just can't see stitches that small. Gotta get to the eye doc!

The colors I went for are turquoise, dark pink and I left some of the yarn it's natural color. It reminds me of Hawaiian leis. I didn't use the paint chips, I just started with the turquoise and loved that color, then I mixed up that pink and added a bit of scarlet until I got a pink I thought matched the turquoise the best. Then I just lowered the section into the dye pots and let them sit, mixing them when I thought it was needed.

I started with the regular pink and added tiny bit of scarlet until I liked the color. The regular pink was just too 'baby' pink to go with the turquoise. The scarlet really helped deepen the pink.

Here you can see the differences in color with each little bit of scarlet mixed in. I chose the darkest and wen with it.

Yarn is in microwave cooling down a bit and i will rinse it in a little while. Then I will get the Mardi Gras color way going.
Show me your. . .yarn! :)

Some destash yarns, can'tt ake pics of them all, please go to the web and do searches on the yarns. Sorry, just not enough time to do pics too. All are unused, with bands intact unless noted.

1. Meilenweit Cotton Fondo, 45% Cotton, 42% virgin wool, 13% polyamid. 100 gr, color number 8503, self striping, pinks, blues purples, whites. $8 plus postage.

4. Opal ZwergerGarn, 75/25, 100 gr, #3707, can't find an on line pic, forest green, black, white, maroon. $9 plus postage, paypal.

5. Opal, rainforest, papagei (color) 75/25, 100 gr, $9 plus postage, paypal.

7.Opal, denim blues, no band. 75/25, 100 gr. $9 plus postage, paypal.

9. Opal, Elemente, color 1079, 100gr, 75/25, $9 plus postage, paypal.

10.Meileweit Cotton/Wool. 2 50 gram skeins, color 56, matching dye lot. 45 cotton, 42 woo, 13 poly. Both for $8 plus postage, paypal.

11. Patons Kroy, I have four 50 gr skeins, 85/15, color 432, pink. $3 each plus postage. paypal.
two will make a pair. if this isn't purchased I'm going to over dye it.

13. Fortissima Socka. 45 cotton, 42 wool, 13 poly, color 6510 (blues, browns, white), 100 gr $8 plus postage.

14. TWO Swizzle Sock Yarn, Navy blue with puncjes of color, color 4003, 100 gr, 75/25 superwash. $7 each plus postage. One will make a pair of socks.

That's it for now, gotta get some advil for the elbow.

my paypal address is, $50 gets extra fun stuff in the package.

You can email me at that same email address above.
Email me or comment with questions, I will delete yarn that gets sold.
Thanks for helping me destash! Lots of the Opal is not longer available.

Happy knitting and crocheting!

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