Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Day, Another Dye Pot!

Okay, before I start on todays fun stuff I need to rant. Please understand that in life you will sometimes have to stand in line. Yes, that's right, sometimes when you are checking out at a grocery store, a dept store or a CRAFT STORE, you will have to wait in line. Please know that if the cashier, trying frantically to cash everyone out as fast and friendly as possible, could get back up to another register, she/he WOULD DO IT! Calling to them from the line to get more help, yelling at them when you get to the register, asking to see a manager, will only serve to make them less able to do the job quickly and the friendly part will go right out the window. Advice: if you are in hurry DO NOT go into a craft store and expect to get out in 3 minutes. Give yourself 10 minutes to get through the line. Check the line as you walk in, if it's long, choose another time to shop. Ask the employees when the slowest times of day are and shop during those times. But no matter what, belittling someone because you didn't give yourself enough time, if the wrong thing to do. END RANT.

So, today I am trying to dye pure wool. I normally only do superwash, but I can get pure wool at work for a discount (no shipping from on line vendors, either) so I figured a couple skeins of Patons Wool would be a good first try. This cannot go in the microwave! If you are dyeing pure wool, the heat will need to be in the oven. I will heat the oven to 170 (the lowest mine will go) and leave it in there for 39 minutes or so. The yarn needs to be about 170 for 15 minutes to
set the color. I choose a darker, muted color way today, dark blues and purples. I will say that it
didn't look good at last check. Hopefully it will get better as it sits on the dye pot.

In other news, I put a beautiful black and grey net book case on my Etsy shop. It's got fun fur on the flap and a huge button for closure. I think it's really pretty. I have a purple and green one that needs a button and it will be ready for listing.

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