Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dyeing Hints and Tips

So yesterday you saw the yarn I did yesterday and are waiting for pictures, right? :)

It is very pretty, though not quite what I expected. I will try using a brighter pink next time. But still a great colorway.

Today I am dyeing a red, raspberry, purple variegated in honor of my friend, Lisa. They are her favorite colors. I put two hanks together
and wound it on my new HUGE swift. It's 5.5
FEET across so I no longer have to wind the yarn around the kitchen table or the bench seat I usually use. Doing it around the seat makes my back hurt and takes 10 minutes or so. It makes me only want to do one skein per day because it's a pain in the back (ha ha).

Here is another shot of the Beach Glass colorway (I don't usually name the colorways).

Todays is in the dye pot and I used only the Jacquard acid dyes for it. When using a purple, I like those dyes better, The Wilton tends to show a lot of pink when it wicks.

I was asked about making sure the colors all match if you are doing a variegated of the same colors, like all blues or all greens. The best way to do this is to use only two colors. If I'm going to do a 4 color of just blues, I choose two blues; one really light and the other dark. Mix up the lightest color and check the color on a napkin. If you like it make sure you know how much water and how much dye you used to make it. You'll make it a couple more times. For the second color I mix up the first color, then add a smidge of the darker blue. Mix and check. If it's different enough from the first and you like it, keep it. Then do the same with the dark blue. Mix and check. If you like it, keep it. The last mix will be just a small amount of the lighter blue and then use the darker to make the third color. Mix and check until you find the right four colors to make your variegation. Using just the two colors and mixing will allow you to make sure the colors are in the same family. Nothing worse than three good colors and one that just doesn't match.

Time to go pull the purples out of the dyepot! Tomorrow i will show you the giant swift. Stay tuned!

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