Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally did some dyeing!

Arm felt good and I did some dyeing. Dyed 4 hanks, three are amazing and one is okay. You figure out which is which :)

I did get the green/purple (lime/lilac) done and it's just amazing! I really love how it turned out. The colors are 6 feet long, so the striping will be 4-5 rows of the first color and 4-5 of the second.
I may have to do a full series of fun, wouldn't-think-they-would-look-good-together stripy colors!

I needed a purples variegated, but everyone does that. I did get a purple/blue tweedy thing done yesterday that I really like. Instead of the tweed being darker than the colors, I did it so the tweed is a lighter color. I may be keeping it and petting it for a few weeks before either knitting with it (arm allowing) or putting on Etsy.

Last one for today is a red/gold colorway. I really do love this one. It was beautiful while I was making it and the finished product is really gorgeous. This one is sport weight and though I will put it on Etsy, if it doesn't sell quick I will take it off and save it for myself. The photo shows it a bit brighter than it realy is, it's a bit darker in real life.

Arm is now hurting again, gotta go. Knit and crochet away!


  1. love the purple and green! My favorite colors! deb


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