Saturday, January 23, 2010

CONTEST!! Yep, a shameless marketing ploy contest.

I want more people to see my handpaints on Etsy. I want the number of views to skyrocket and maybe even sell one or two of them. I am running out of undyed yarn and am eyeing the lighter colored yarns I have that could be over dyed. The awesome DH has gently asked me to not spend anymore money until March (that's over a month!! yikes) so I need to sell some of my stuff on Etsy. SO HERE'S THE DEAL! If you win you get to choose one of my handpaints on Etsy for FREE! The contest is this: there is a listing with a secret word in it. You'll have to read all the listings to find it. Which means the views will go up. And hey, maybe you find something you like! Prices are in line with shop prices and you'd be helping a fellow knitter/artist. Win/Win as the husband would say! Email me with the secret word and on January 31 at noon I will choose and announce the winner here on the blog. Email me privately, no comments(-or you'll reveal the secret word!) ( your name will go into the hat for a drawing on Jan 31. Here is the link: .

Okay that's done. Check yesterday's blog post, I repriced the stash because I really need to get them out. I have about 50 more skeins to list and I'd rather you all have the first choice and not to go eBay.

So, when we left yesterday I had dyed the pink/white/turquoise. It turned out sweet! I also did Mardi Gras and a Tangled Up in Blue (Bob Dylan, gonna do an MP3 series, yarn dyed inspired by songs on my iPod). They all turned out amazing! It's more turquoise in real life.

The Mardi Gras is dyed to stripe, the favorite way to dye right now. I have a good mind not to list this on Etsy and save it or me. I can't do a whole lot of knitting right now with the arm
(BOTH tennis elbow as well as Ulnar Nerve Compression, can't bend the arm for very long, 3 advil every 4 hours to keep the nerve from becoming inflamed, no bending for long periods of time. It's like carpel tunnel in the elbow) but I can look at the yarn and dream of amazing socks!

The Tangled Up In Blue is a dyed sock blank. Its an easy way to get variegated yarn that won't stripe of pool. Normally the yarn would stay as a fabric scarf and the knitter would knit right from it, but caking it actually gives a better preview of what the sock would look like when done. The blank isn't knit with the number of stitches a sock would be knit with so the design on the fabric isn't what the sock would look like. So winding it into a cake is better in my opinion.
The blank is more expensive for me to buy, so it end up more expensive to sell, too. But worth is really.

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