Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hanks VS Cakes

I was told recently that I could not be taken seriously as a vendor because I offered my handpaints in cakes (yarn wound on a ball winder look like mini cakes) instead of hanks. I found that interesting and did more research on that. I'm part of a large knitting group full of people who are not afraid to voice their opinion. It's one of the things I like most about that group; if I ask a question I will get a real answer.

So, after some back and forth debate of hanks and cakes, it's hands down that knitters and crocheters like their yarn in hanks. So I rehanked almost all the handpaints I have in my Etsy shop for those who like the hanks. I will offer the service of making cakes for those who don't own the more expensive tools of the trade. I think it's a good compromise. And I must agree that the hanks make the yarns look more delicious.

Tomorrow I have off from both work as well as school (with little homework over the week) so I will finally get more dyeing done! If the time ever comes that I can sell more handpaints per month and make more money than I do currently at JoAnn, then I will get to devote WAY more time to dyeing fabulous yarns.

So, GO SEE MY SHOP, :) LOL! and don't forget about the contest! Today is Jan 27 and the contest ends on Sunday. So go look through my listings and find the secret word, it's in parenthases in one of the listings, and send the word to me privately ( Your name will go in the hat and Sunday, Jan 31 at noon I will pick a name. They will get to choose one of the Etsy yarns FREE! And yes, I will send this overseas. So everyone is invited to play.

Update: the elbow is feeling good today even with the amount of notes I had to take in all 3 classes today. That's progress!!! :)

So, look for an update on the new yarns late tomorrow!! I'm thinking of playing with complimentary colors!!! Or maybe a big striping purple/green color way. mmmmm, purple and green. . .

Happy Crocheting and Knitting!!

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