Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scooters are Cool!

I ride a scooter.

Not everywhere, I do have kids that have to be taxied from one spot to another. But anywhere I have to go alone and not bring home huge things, I ride my scooter.
Husband rides too. Every day to work and for most small stuff errands.

It's a great way to get places, uses less fuel and is just fun! If you haven't ever tried one and think it would be a good thing for you, you should check your local scooter/motorcycle dealer. It's near the end of the season in most places and prices are dropping.
This is a stock photo of my scooter. It's a 150cc so I got a motorcycle license to drive it. Goes about 65-70mph and gets 80mpg or go. Zippy and Sippy.

Today I am eagerly awaiting a new shipment of acid dyes. I figured they would be here days ago so if they don't arrive today I will have to call the company that shipped them and see what the deal is. I remember when you ordered things by mail or TV and it would take 4-6 weeks to get to you. Now if things aren't to us in a week, we get antsy. That's what eBay did for us.

Garage sale at my house tomorrow and Saturday. Gonna be long days!
Cleaned out the small kids room to get the too small clothes and too young toys.
Now we can see the floor!

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