Thursday, August 13, 2009

New crafts to add to my long list

The purse is almost done. It's felted and is waiting for the straps to be sewn on. I will get photos of it as soon as it's all done.

I've decided to add another craft to my long list. Resin jewelry. I've been interested in this for a while and even bought all the stuff I need for it but never got to it with all the other stuff in my life. Now that my restaurant is closed and I am in college, I have more time to do some of the other things I've wanted to try.

Resin jewelry looks like glass but is really a polyester liquid goop that is poured in a mold or jewely blank and is allowed to harden. It cures overnight, water clear and you can see anything you've embedded in it. You can use dye to color either translucent or opaque. You can check YouTube for some great tutorials on the how tos.

I've done a couple easy pendants for my daughter and her BFF. Angel (daughter) wants me to make some she can sell at school. She says Jolly Roger and peace signs will fly off her neck.
I have some ideas for a floral line and a collage line. But those will be for sale on Etsy.

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