Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Sort-Solids(tm) Dyed Today.Ask Me About My Yarn!

So, the two I have done so far have been pretty amazing. The green is fabulous and the pink wow! I did a purple and blue today. I think I will also do a yellow, a turquoise and a peach. I have the ability to recreate so they aren't One Of A Kind,
which is good since I can see these being used for more than just socks.

Joins. The wool/silk blend I've gotten from my undyed yarn supplier has many joins. I'm told that 3 is the maximum number of joins acceptable in a hank of yarn. I hope that true since I have several in the hanks. Anyone have comments on joins?

Here is the pink Sorta-Solid. You can see several colors of pink and peach that make up the 'solid' color. I think it's pretty amazing myself, but I am biased you see.

The green is very nice and I love green. I did this in fingering weight which is good because I don't knit in such a light weight. It's difficult to see the stitches with my bad eyes so I stick to sport and larger. I prefer DK actually but my supplier has only 100% Merino wool and I like the added nylon for socks. The blue and purple will be up tomorrow for your perusal. I am really proud of the blue, the purple is equally amazing. Gonna tune in and look?

Happy knitting and crocheting!

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