Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best laid plans of mice and yarn dyers sometimes go astray!

I began dying a hank with long sections of violet and brilliant blue on opposite end of the loop. Between those was going to be a jacquard thing with black and red in one section, black and gold in the other. The sock was going to do two stripes of violet, two stripes of black/red, two stripes of blue, two stripes of black/gold. That was the plan. But plans change. The black spread so fast and long that it enveloped the red. I ended up over-dying the jacquard section with just black. I also left a section the same size as the black in the natural white color and added a section of the red. It's much nicer this way than the original design. I thought the colors looked like jazz music.
I ended up naming the hank Fender Jazzmaster,
after the guitar my husband plays.

I've been doing well selling on Etsy, but i need to get into a store or three. I keep telling myself I need to just make the calls and set up appointments to show my wares to the owners but i never get to it. I know exactly why, if I don't call then they can't say 'no'. I have ideas that make the risk to the owners zero but again, I don't make the calls. Next week.

Happy knitting and crocheting!

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