Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kids and Knitting Looms

My youngest daughter turns 10 on labor day. Double digits and she's excited. Since I've been knitting for 8 years or so, she's been watching me the whole time, wanting to learn. Unfortunately she just doesn't have the patience level to do it with two sticks and string. So for her birthday she is getting the entire loom kit (circles and long ones) and ten skeins of yarn. Check them all out at Michaels or Joann Fabrics and Crafts (start there, it's where I work :)).

They are made for knitting like the kids do on their fingers. Things knit up pretty fast and you can do both knit and purl stitch. You can do both knit in the round as well as back and forth.

I gave Journey (the daughter) one of the round looms and a skein of purple heather worsted weight and let her go to town. In about a week (she was afraid of it in the beginning) she had made her very own winter beenie. She won't take it off. She wears it to school and gets scolded for wearing hats in school, but she does it anyway.

For the holidays, we are going to make 8 scarves for 8 teachers in the school colors. Each will be a different scarf but with the same two colors. It'll be interesting to see if we can come up with 8 different patterns with only two colors. Wish us luck. But this time Journey will get to help.

Looms come in both circular and long looms. Looms allow both circluar in-the-round knitting as well as back and forth knitting. The longest loom is 22 inches. When you get done using that loom, you will have a smaller blanket or have of a big one. Use one strand or several at a time to make anything you can imagine.

Easy to use and fun. So if you have small ones who want to learn, or even if you want to try something new, try the Knifty Knitter Looms!

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